Tree Of Sores

by Tree Of Sores

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Leeds 3 piece, taking influences from the doomy atmospherics of Neurosis, an underbelly of crust care of Amebix, and an air of recklessness favoured by the likes of Eyehategod.

The band create a vibe that is heavy, dark and ambient, with tortured male/female vocals, and a mission to take you to a frightening place.

Recorded with Matt (Pumpkin Records) at Brunswick Mill, Manchester in October 2010, and artwork and layout by Black Uroborus, this CD comes in a 4-panel digipack, and is limited to 150 copies.!/pages/Witch-Hunter-Records/114755648543936!/TreeOfSores


released February 21, 2011

Matt - Guitar / Vocals
Talia - Bass / Vocals
Ben - Drums



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Tree Of Sores UK

A nightmare in a damaged brain

Leeds 3 piece taking influences from doom to crust to post-metal

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Track Name: God Theory
Fallen down to earth
Nailed down to nothing
Lord is my whore
Bound by confession

Dried blood on your thighs
That fear in your eyes
Broken dreams like broken teeth
The taste of piss on bruised lips
Revenge in blood by anger means
Man will suffer and bare his teeth

Beauty disfigured
Exaggeration of suffering
Delicate strings of fear
Timeless procession

Vomit forth
Cattle class
Ultimate sin
Track Name: Grave
Resurrection, the perfect cure
Sacrifice, daily sore
Haemorrhage, no reward
Breaking point, eternal

Cold hearted
Souless home
Empty highway
Shipless ocean
Track Name: From Within
Blackened eyes
Decaying mind
Frozen inside

No protection from what's from within
Track Name: Sandford
Manufactured, to believe
Disciples, of distortion

The isle of thorns dripping with guilt
Detonations from the drones
Declarations of demonic intent
A name, an aim, a formula

Who speaks for no-one
We are prevailed upon
The more names they give us
The more invisible we become
Track Name: Silent Scream
and she weeps
she weeps
what have we done to her?
and we weep
we weep
what have we done to us?

is it too late?
too late for her?
can we fix the damage done?
is it too late?
too late for us?
gone too far to heal the scars

her spirit burnt to ashes
now just a whisper in the icy wind
our spirit locked in concrete cells
silent screams in binary code

so sorry
nobody listened
nobody cared